Ryan Heuser

Raised in an outdoor family, he grew quickly to the hunt. Always trying to keep up with his younger brothers. He’s a self-taught short film editing genius and  a semi pro goose caller.

Ryan's weaknesses are doe’s that blow one too many times, milk and cookies, red dirt music, baconator’s, and quick to ditch deer hunting to chase geese.

World’s Best Road Trip DJ
1983 Missouri State Two Step Champion
Movie Quotes
Dock Flipping Rattle Traps
Gear List
Bow - Elite Ritual
Release - Scott Longhorn Hex and Pursuit
Camo - Gamehide Slam Seeker
Arrows - Victory RIP TKO
Broadheads - Slick Trick Vipertricks
Boots - LaCrosse Alpha Burly Pros
Optics - Vortex 8x42 Diamondback and Ranger
Scent Control - Ozonics 300 Unit and Lethal Spray