"BIGGSY" AKA Paul Biggs

Hunting by way of Oklahoma, born an raised in a small town where he was taught his unique hunting skills at a young age. He has worked in the outdoor industry for 18 years. Paul's soft spot is his family. He's married to a smokin hot woman and is currently raising 2 little girls. (Talyn Scout - 8, Huntley Dawn - 5)

Currently Paul is the master and chief of all video editing tasks for The Outdoor Group. He often relies on his sidekick, Ryan Heuser to conquer some of the strenuous projects this job may bring.

Paul's weaknesses are his daughters, big bugling bulls, giant whitetails, Oklahoma sooner football, chocolate pie, the mountains, grape koolaid, super hero flicks, and q-tips.

Possibly The Best Tree Climber in The World
Builds Furniture in His Spare Time
Stone Cold Pro Outdoorsman
Beautiful Eyes


Gear List
Bow - Elite ENVISION
Release - Scott Echo
Camo - Gamehide Slam Seeker
Arrows - Victory RIP Elites
Broadheads - Slick Trick Raptortricks
Boots - Itasca Illusions - X's and Groves
Optics - Burris Droptines
Scent Control - Ozonics Unit, Dry Wash Bag, Lethal Products