Respect The Game Season 4

Episode 1

Elite Crewmembers, Larry McCoy and Pete Crawford, head out West to spot and stalk Elk in Southern Colorado. With time on their hands and plenty of bugling bulls to choose from, the guys don’t waist a moment to harvest the first big game animals of the season. Don’t miss this action packed adventure as Larry takes his first bull elk with a bow and Pete relives the feeling of a successful elk hunt, knowing this never gets old!

Episode 2

Anthony Dixon of Elite Archery’s Respect the Game TV heads up into the mountains of Utah for a DIY high country Elk hunt. Hard work and perseverance pay off big time for Anthony. And then we move to Colorado where Weston Clark attempts to connect on a great bull. Lots of action and bugling as the rut kicks into high gear.

Episode 3

Its opening day in New Brunswick and Darren Hassen of Elite Archery’s Respect the Game TV, has an archery moose tag burning a hole in his pocket. With only a few days to attempt a shot at a giant with his Elite bow, Darren doesn’t waste anytime getting dialed in after the trip. He’ll need that accuracy to take down the animal when the moose he is hunting decides to fight back.

Episode 4

Headed to Canada with two black bear tags are Chris Orr and Greg Steil of Elite Archery’s Respect the Game TV. With fair weather and good bear sign, the odds of Chris taking his first archery black bear look great. However, it’s never a gurarantee that the bears will cooperate and Chris needs to make the shot count. Can he get it done before heading home or will he leave empty handed?

Episode 5

His name is Big Poppy and for good reason. Larry McCoy and Tony Glidewell, Elite Archery’s Respect the Game TV hunters, are after a big Missouri buck they call Big Poppy. Larry thinks he’s got him but when he recovers the buck, it isn’t Big Poppy so it’s Tony’s turn to hunt him down. With only a few days left in the season and years of history with Big Poppy, can the guys end the season with Big Poppy on the ground or will he walk and make it another year?

Episode 6

The rut has just started and things are heating up in the Midwest for Paul Biggs of Elite Archery’s Respect the Game TV. Paul is able to get into a tree and kick off his big buck season in Kansas. Making his debut on RTG, hunter Phillip Vanderpool puts up a ground blind and waits patiently for the buck he’s been after to present a shot.

Episode 7

Clark Cummings and Chad Johnson each take a rut-crazed Illinois buck, but the story and continues and the rut hasn't fully run its course just yet and neither has their luck.

Episode 8

After capitalizing on two great bucks just a few days earlier Chad Johnson and Clark Cummings double down to pull a fast one on two more Illinois bruisers but not without some intense moments along the way.

Episode 9

Kyle Weiter and Tim Kent make their way to the land of the giants to find their hands clenching Hawkeye State bone after the first sit of the first day of their hunts. Several intense moments make this a can’t-miss episode

Episode 10

Elite president, Pete Crawford has had a tough season thus far. In hopes of ending his hunting season on a high note he elects to travel to Texas and hunt with hunting celebrities Mike McFerren and Dean Davis.

Episode 11

Elite Archery’s Greg Steil and the host of Just Hunt TV, Dean Davis both set out for antelope. Different states, different methods, and different weather conditions, will they conclude with the same results?

Episode 12

Elite Archery is well known for it’s close up turkey action and it’s D-Capping skills. This episode showcases several of the Elite team members doing exactly that.

Episode 13

The Close up gobbler action continues on as the Elite team fills the last of it’s tags while having some fun using the D-Cap broadhead from Solid.