"BIG MAC" AKA Larry McCoy

At the early age of 1 Larry drowned in a pool of awesomeness. His father and grandfather passed down their passion of the outdoors and 102 years later Larry is continuing to pass on his passion of the outdoors to others who love the outdoors and also want to be awesome.

Larry found his calling in videography. Many years of watching his hero Phillip Vanderpool, he knew this is what he wanted to do with his life. Larry is the proud father of Makayla and Landon and is married to his lovely wife Marsha.

Larry's weaknesses are a well cooked steak, a fold out chair under a tin roof on a rainy day, a royals win, crappie fishing, and a spot of sweet tea.

Wears A Vest Really Well
Can Find Shed's Without Looking For Them
91 MPH Fastball
Filed Tester For Slick Trick Broadheads


Gear List
Bow - Elite ERA
Release - Scott ECHO
Camo - Gamehide Slam Seeker
Arrows - Victory VAP TKO
Broadheads - Slick Trick Torch
Boots - Itasca Huntsman
Optics - Burris Droptines
Scent Control - Ozonics Unit, Lethal Products