Respect The Game Season 5

Episode 1

The Elite Crew heads to Saskatchewan Canada to hunt bears with Jason Peterson.

Episode 2

Join Elite Hunters Bill Buckingham and Jason Firek as they stalk Muley's in South Dakota.

Episode 3

Elite hunters Garret Armstrong, Anthony Dixon and Eddie Edmonston use spot and stalk tactics to hunt Muley's in Canada.

Episode 4

"Crawford Family Bears" Jason Peterson is known for having an abundance of game. That's why Pete Crawford and his son Travis hunt with him for big bears. This episode is full of ground level big bear action at Cree River Lodge.

Episode 5

Elite hunters Pete Crawford and Phillip Vanderpool head to Kansas to hunt big whitetails.

Episode 6

"Illinois Duo" Respect the Game teammates Ross Bigger and Tyler Johnson hunt their home state of Illinois.

Episode 7

"Larry Whitetail" Respect the Game's Larry McCoy hunts his home state of Missouri. Two bucks on his hit list, the angry 8 and Texas Tom. Can he tag out?

Episode 8

"New Ground" Respect the Game's Bill Buckingham and Jason Fireck hunt a new farm they just obtained in Illinois.

Episode 9

"Iowa Bond" Pete Crawford and his son Travis set out to hunt whitetails with Shermoe Adventures in Iowa.

Episode 10

"Cherry On Top Moose" Moose hunting with Darren Hasson, Levi Morgan and Pete Crawford.

Episode 11

"Colorado Bulls" Elk hunting with Matt Ortman and Weston Clark in Colorado. Watch as the Duel game calls are put to work.

Episode 12

"D-Cap Nation" The Respect the Game crew set out once again to illustrate the damage a Solid D-cap broadhead can do.

Episode 13

"Longbeards No More" If you like episodes filled with kills, then you'll like this one. The team from Respect the Game know how to lay birds down with Elites.