Outdoors DAN

Outdoors Dan Young has been communicating about the outdoors for 24 yrs on both of his weekly radio shows.  Dan was also the host of his own weekly TV show for 17 years before joining Respect the Game TV.

Dan has been bowhunting for over 30 years. Turkeys fear him, deer laugh at him and bear are undecided.  His passion is trying to help others to learn and grow their skills.

Dan often gets lost but looks good doing it.  With his rugged good looks and forgetful nature every hunt is new and an adventure as long as someone else does all the work. 

Dan has an understanding family, and loves cooking the wild game he hunts.

Can somehow find his way home when lost
Has a face for radio
Lives in IOWA!
His first name is Outdoors


Gear List
Bow - Elite REMEDY
Release - Scott Ghost
Camo - Gamehide Slam Seeker
Arrows - Victory RIP TKO
Broadheads - Slick Trick ViperTricks
Boots - Itasca Sandals
Optics - Burris Droptines
Scent Control - Ozonics Unit, Dry Wash Bag, Lethal Products