2020 Turkey Season Preview with Ryan Heuser from Respect The Game | Episode 3

Baconators & Fan Girls

This is the 2020 Turkey Season Preview with Ryan Heuser from Respect the Game TV. Ryan takes us through his favorite ways to hunt a turkey - with a bow of course! Ryan talks Solid DCAP broadheads and the guys discuss where to hit for a good recovery.

In this episode, the guys discuss:

  • Ryan's new addition to the family
  • What the guys are seeing so far in the early season
  • Turkey breeding habits and ritual
  • Bowhunting recommendations and the four shots you're looking for as a bowhunter chasing turkeys
  • Why Baconators are the best hunting food
  • Fan-girling over Larry McCoy
  • Phillip Vanderpool's second camera angles
  • Decoy positions and spread distances
  • Ryan's favorite LMC calls

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