"GRIZZ" AKA Clark Cummings

At an early age my daddy passed to me his love and appreciation for the outdoors. We chased mice and caught buckets of sunfish, I couldn’t get enough of being outdoors. Having been raised in Illinois farm country, it didn’t take long to develop a passion for chasing Whitetail Deer aka big bucks! Over time, the passion turned to a year long obsession. I quickly learned that bow hunting was a great way to increase my time in the field and that too became a passion. Still not enough, I jumped into land management and now I spend the majority of my spare time improving the quality of the land, creating food plots and wishing people would call me Dr. Deer.

Clark's weaknesses are brown uniforms, rublines, and getting to see my boy’s face light up when he Dcaps a gobbler.

Very Good At Delivering Things
Can Plant Seeds And With My Powers I Can Make Them Grow
Blessed With Untouchable Dance Moves
Gear List
Bow - Elite Ritual
Release - Scott Longhorn Hex
Camo - Gamehide Slam Seeker
Arrows - Victory RIP
Broadheads - Slick Trick Raptortricks and Wickedtricks
Boots - LaCrosse Aero
Optics - Vortex Vipers